(Small) furniture

The best range of small furniture at TICA!

expand your collection with small furniture items from dozens of suppliers
More than 160 suppliers present their home, gift and garden collections at TICA. Our 20,000 m2 Cash & Carry features a wide selection of home decorations, gifts, tableware, cooking accessories, lighting, pottery, and more! The TICA range also includes an extensive selection of small furniture items.

a suitable style for every collection
All suppliers present their collections at the own stands. The perfect supplier can be found to suit any style. Are you looking for tables or chairs in a Scandinavian style or more of a rustic look? Mix and match to put together your ideal collection with the small furniture items sold by our exhibitors.

chairs, cabinets, side tables, and accessories
In addition to stylish chairs, lovely side tables, and trendy cabinets, TICA also carries a wide range of accessories, such as pillows and blankets, candles, lanterns, and vases.