Become a client

Become a client at TICA. TICA = convenience + inspiration: 1 central payment desk, 1 receipt, no minimum purchase order per exhibitor.
But also: the latest trends and inspiring styling.

Whether you’re a reseller or professional end user, we would love to welcome you as a new cardholder at TICA – the number one wholesale centres for professionals in the home, gift, and garden sectors! As a TICA cardholder, you can make wholesale purchases on an item-by-item basis at our cash & carries from dozens of suppliers, paying at one cash register.

*Our customer cards are personal and non-transferable.

Criteria When Applying For A Card

You need a valid Chamber of Commerce and VAT number to apply for a card. When screening applications, we pay particularly close attention to the following criteria:

  • you are a reseller or professional end user
  • you are a professional purchaser of home, gift, garden, food, or fashion products
  • you are registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  • you have a valid VAT number
  • and you have a valid proof of identity
  • you intend to purchase products for a business purpose that matches the context of both our and your businesses